Ballingall Shield back home

News item created on 07 October 2018   
County team win end of season friendly.
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The annual match between the County Ladies teams of Northumberland and Durham was held today at Parklands Golf Club.

The Shield dates back to 1972 and was originally presented by Peter Ballingall who ran this as an annual target golf match played from the top tier of the old range at Parklands in the early part of every season right up until 1983.

From 1984 it changed to 4BBB with the venue alternating between the counties and played at the end of the season. This year was the first time the match has returned to Parklands.

Having drawn 2-2 last year at Wickham the Shield was retained by Durham so it has made me very proud as both Northumberland County Captain and as a member of Parklands, that we won today 3-1.

My thanks to the team of Rosie Belsham, Jess Baker, Rachel Gourley, Rebecca Ferguson, Holly Hardy, June Lomax, Joanna Rumney and our county vice-captain elect Nicky Rose for this brilliant result on a very cold and windy autumnal afternoon.